Product Manager

focused on digital products,
based in Ghent.

About me

👋, I’m Simon. During my career I've worked on a variety of products, in a variety of roles. I've learned the importance of a good product, the advantages and drawbacks of technology and how ideas can become a working solution. I thrive on passion and a fast-acting environment.

Nowadays, I’m pretty sure that I only can combine all my skills and interests as a Product Manager.

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Since 2016, I’m focused on Product Management. Before that, I was often heavily involved in the decision-making process, but even more on the technical side.


Experience Media
2018 to present

Prompto is a product that helps Real Estate Developers sell and market their real estate by offeringa virtual and personalized experience. At Prompto, I'm responsible for the Product Management ofthe product, in all it's facets. This means creating, communicating and adapting the roadmap basedon all stakeholders, which results in clear stories that add value for the user and is driven by thecompany strategy. Together with the product designers and engineers, we built the product that shapes the future of 3D in real estate.

2014 - 2018

I worked almost 3 years at Teamleader and was glad to be in the front seats of a fast growing start-up. I started as developer where I experienced a lot of freedom in my role. I was involved in the roadmap, hiring and was a driving force in the continuing process of making the product better.
As Teamleader grew, I grew into a leading role where I first acted as Head of Engineering. My main challenges were the growth of the team and the company while enabling the process and product to handle this.

In 2016 I was appointed as CTO where my responsibilities shifted more to long term strategic goals. I always showed a lot of passion for the product and in this role I could define the future of Teamleader. In this period we shaped the foundations of how the product would be like. This involved a lot of stakeholder management, workshops, presenting and advocating the future of the company.
In the absence of the Head of Product, I also filled in this position a few months

Later, as a Product Strategist, I helped with Strategic questions. In the long term Teamleader envisions to be so much more then the SaaS tool they were in 2018. The roadmap for the coming years needed to be built on thorough research of the market, changing needs of users, new market potentials and backed with data, checked assumptions, internal and external feedback etc...
Therefore I was part of the product team and helped the different teams in their process. In strategic projects, I toke the lead to built business cases and prototypes with a data-driven approach.

Re-Vive aims to be a not-so-classic Real Estate Developer with a goal to deliver future-proof projects in terms of environment and sustainability and plans to evolve to a XaaS model. I was involved in a lot of different domains by using my experience and strategic feeling:
-To support the customer journey, we developed a digital platform. My main responsibilities here were product management in every facet.
For future projects, I researched innovative and technological possibilities to help achieve the goals. Some domains I worked on are Smart Grids solutions, Digital transformation and Housing- as-a-service.

I’ve worked 2 years on Kwandoo during my tenure at Orca Solutions. Kwandoo is a product that is developed to be an answer to problems in the childcare sector. This project is enrolled in over 70 schools and 6 cities. It 's build around a web application and an iPad application. I built the product from scratch and the team grew up to 5 persons when I left. I was responsible for the general usability & user interface, web development, architecture, api and devops. In this process I learned how to shape a product in a scalable way, say no to clients and help them think about how to implement a process in software.


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